Wire Guide

Wire Guide Awnings are a cost-effective outdoor blind to achieve that contemporary look.

These wire guide awnings are suitable for expansive windows and outdoor areas that require sun protection and privacy.

The benefit of the wire guide system is that it allows the blind to be dropped to any particular height without it moving in a breeze. The stainless steel cable and fittings are corrosion resistant and tie in well with stainless wire balustrading. These awnings can be crank operated or motorised to meet any homes needs.

wire guide diagram
Application Ground floor and upper level verandah / pergolas and windows.
Operation Crank operated, motorisation.
Fabrics Screen / canvas / acrylic.
Hardware Cassette, L-bracket (standard), deck plates, masonry kit, stainless steel (std), wire to suit, weather strip (optional).
Finish Exposed bottom rail.
Wire Guide outdoor hero


1 to 2 Storey1 to 2 Storey
Crank Handle logoCrank Handle
Ground Floor logoGround Floor
Standard logoStandard


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